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Pulitecno Assistenza

The technical assistance service is not performed directly by Pulitecno, which relies on the support, expertise and professionalism of its network of distributors. Continuous support to its dealers ensures that the end customer is followed promptly and professionally to solve any type of problem or inconvenience encountered.

Our commitment to our resellers also focuses on pre- and post-sales support, an all-round support service that guarantees fast response times for any situation.

Thanks to a team of technical experts ready to respond to customers' needs, Pulitecno is able to provide assistance to the reseller and the end customer also supported by a well-stocked spare parts warehouse ready to satisfy every type of request.


The management of our spare parts warehouse is high-performance and efficient: there is a full-time employee working in it who is responsible for coding, handling, packing and finally delivery or dispatch of the spare parts. The handling of items within our spare parts warehouse is carried out by specialised personnel, in full compliance with all safety regulations and with care and attention to the goods.
A wide range of various brands of items such as motors, pumps, valves and washing accessories are always in our well-stocked inventory.
With over 25,000 spare parts sold each year, our spare parts warehouse is a benchmark for the world of high pressure washing.